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Created 7-Feb-15
Modified 6-Oct-16

You DO NOT need to pay for any photograph here. The system I use inherently offers a "buy" link everywhere.

To download images:

There are two ways to download. When looking at the thumbnails you can choose "Select Photos" and then you can check mark the ones you want to download. After you've selected at least one photo a download button will appear. The second option is if you click on an individual picture you can move your mouse to the top left corner and a "menu" will appear that has a download button in it.

You're more than welcome to use that Buy link if you want to purchase prints and don't want to be bothered with downloading them and doing it yourself. Just be aware that I don't make money off that and I'm not trying to sell you anything.

Every picture can be downloaded for free. You can use them on facebook or for personal use. If you become a model you owe me money for the photograph :)

Father Daughter Dance 2015

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Created 7-Feb-15
Modified 7-Feb-15

Father Daughter Dance 2016

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Created 8-Feb-16
Modified 8-Feb-16

2016 Camp Fitch

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Created 6-Oct-16
Modified 6-Oct-16